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What is Mkodi?

Mkodi offers a quick an easy plan for paying your house rent online.


What do I need to use Mkodi?

If you are a property manager or landlord, you will need either an Mpesa Paybill, an Airtel Paybill, a Paypal Merchant Account or an Equitel Paybill number in order to collect rent from your tenants via Mkodi. If you are a tenant, you just need an email address and a Kenyan phonenumber. And your landlord must be on Mkodi.


Which Payment methods are supported?

Mkodi currently supports the following payment methods: MPESA, Paypal and EazzyPay.


But I don't have any of the above. What next?

If you don't have an MPESA or an EazzyPay paybill and you still wish to collect rent via Mkodi please talk to us by filling the feedback form provided here and an agent will contact you. Go to form


Can I pay my Mortgage, Utilities, Internet, Nanny, etc. with Mkodi

Unfortunately no you can’t. We only allow the payment of rent at this time.


Do all of my properties/tenants need to have a Mkodi account?

No, surely not! It’s your choice! Based on your individual requirements you choose which property/tenant should get access to Mkodi. Optimal results will be achieved from our experience when you involve all of your properties to the system and the interaction with your tenants.


I have many properties, how can I add them to the platform?

You can add your properties in bulk via an ExcelSheet.


I have many tenants, how can I add them to the platform?

You can add your tenants in bulk via an ExcelSheet.


My landlord doesn’t use Mkodi. Can I still Pay with Mkodi?

Unfortunately no. Mkodi requires your landlord to be signed up to use Mkodi.


How much does this cost?

Please review our pricing page for more information about our charges.


If I have a roommate can we pay rent together on Mkodi?

Unfortunately not yet. We are planning to roll out this functionality in future.


How long is the minimum contract with Mkodi?

There is no minimum contract with Mkodi! All Mkodi payments are virtually done on a monthly base as needed. That means you can always terminate your use of the service anytime. When you terminate your account, your data will be deleted immediately.